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Tamahagane Knives, Kitchen Knife Commercial Product Photography

Hello Family & Friends, This post is not about food photography but related to food, are a set Knives Photos we done for Tamahagane.

Tamahagane is a high-quality Japanese knife brand based in Niigata. The blade is manufactured using a traditional forging system combined with the most modern techniques. This process removes the steel impurities, and the result is a strong and long-lasting blade. For over 600 years, Japan has produced the famous “Katanas”. This brand has taken advantage of this knowledge to create its kitchen knives. The characteristics of the steel are modified and improved to obtain a perfect balance and a hardness of 61HRC. The layered process makes sharpening easier. The blade design is a mixture of Japanese tradition and elegance. The knives stand out in any kitchen for its timeless beauty.

If you interesting to find out more about Tamahagane Knives feel free to visit their website:

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