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Gogirou Korean BBQ, Food Menu Photography

Hello family and friends,

This is another set food menu photography we done for Gogirou(here for another post about Gogirou), the idea for Gogirou Korean BBQ was cultivated during a foodie trip to Korea by the 3 founders. The founders were inspired not only from the cultural emphasis placed on food but on the traditional recipes handed down from generations which we believe sets Gogirou apart.

Them have designed Gogirou to combine the beauty of the ancient palace era with contemporary influences to offer a truly relaxed dining experience for customers.

Their recipes originate from a BBQ Beef specialist in Ilsan, Korea and Gogirou is proud to showcase their succulent BBQ meats and authentic Korean cuisine in a brand new Lifestyle Mall situated in the heart of Johor Bahru City.

To know more about Gogirou Korean BBQ, feel free to visit:

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